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In 2276 AD, continuous crustal vibration for unknown reasons lasted for one year, during which 86 million people were killed, finally with only 1.5 billion people survived.

10 years later after this disaster, the world pattern was dramatically changed that boundaries among different countries were eliminated. The majority of people survived established an Earth Alliance, to cope with the destructive crustal vibration that was about to take place again, in order to save the future of mankind. Members of the Alliance made use of all the remaining resources on the moon base to build a space station on the earth orbit for permanent living, and carried out expedition to the space. They selected 150 orphans of 5 to 7 years old for training. 12 years later, 30 people were elected from them and then divided into 3 groups to fly to the foreign galaxy to make an exploration of the planet suitable for human habitation.

Orphan Leia was one of the members elected to go to the training base, where she spent her young age, and also gained sincere friendship.

11 years later, in a space training task, something happened and a mysterious boy Yu appeared in her life, which totally changed her fate. With the development of the event, they found the reason of fierce vibration at the deep core of the earth and also the secret of the origin of the earth. However, to solve the mystery, they must embark on a journey to the distant and unknown galaxy.

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